Auto-nsurance-Roswell- GA-Shop-Local-and-SaveIf you’re on a budget you may also be wondering if local auto insurance in Roswell, GA compares to the national carriers. To really answer this question, you must first compare the two business models.

Cheap auto insurance does not always mean limited coverage! Many times, saving on local car insurance is simply a given. There are less overhead expenses at local offices, and those savings are passed down to the customer.

Pros of Local, Cheaper Auto Insurance

National car insurance companies spend about half (maybe more) of their profits on national advertising campaigns, large real estate for call centers, corporate and sporting event sponsorships, executive pay, and legal fees.

Local auto insurance agents in Roswell, GA don’t have all of these expenses, so they can pass the savings on to you. Most auto insurance agents in Roswell have small offices and offer a more personal shopping experience (read: more discounts) than large national providers.

When working with a local auto insurance agent, I feel like a name, not a policy number! My local agent took time to get to know me and find discounts that I wasn’t aware of. There is a personal level of service there that feels like a true friendship, and I love that I’m supporting a neighbor by shopping locally.

I received a low mileage discount as my commute across town is only a few miles per day. I also received a discount for my membership affiliations as well as my student status at a local college. She even saved me money for signing up for online bill pay – who wants to pay more for paper statements when we ALL know they just end up in the trash?!

Shop Locally and Save

Shopping locally is important – your premiums aren’t going to national executives who rarely attend board meetings or international call centers in other countries. You’re paying for ballet and soccer lessons, a new car for your agent’s college age child, or expanding the local office. Your money from your auto insurance policy goes right back into the Roswell, GA community.

Drive Safe and See the Savings

Of course, there are always things you can do to save money on any car insurance policy. Take advantage of local driving courses, even if you feel well experienced. Driving safe can save you tons of money on your car insurance by proving that you are a lower risk to cover. Many companies offer plugin devices that track your driving habits and automatically discount your premiums. You may also get a discount for every year you don’t file a claim or traffic violation.

If you primarily drive a company car, make sure you tell your agent. You could be paying for annual mileage that you don’t really need.

Take a few minutes to talk to a local auto insurance agent in Roswell before settling for a national carrier. You may be pleasantly surprised with both the price and the service.