Interesting Facts about Auto Insurance in Smyrna, GA No, this isn’t meant to be satire – auto insurance can actually be interesting. Well, depending on your definition. My definition of “interesting” is “facts that will educate me to be my own advocate and save myself money for years to come.” So, if you define interesting the same way I do, this list is for you.

  • There were only 139 auto thefts in 2014 in Smyrna, GA – down from 300 in 2005.
  • Floods, tornadoes, storms, and heavy rain accounted for all natural disasters declared in Smyrna, GA last year.
  • Most employees travel to work by driving alone, with a travel time of 30 minutes being most common.
  • Smyrna, GA has consistently lower rates of fatal accidents than the rest of the state of Georgia, with less than 10 (per 100,000 population) occurring in 2014.
  • Most auto accidents in Smyrna, GA occur on Sunday and Tuesday evening.
  • Windy Hill Road is the location of most car accidents, particularly fatal car accidents, in Smyrna, GA.

What does all of this trivial information mean to you? Well, auto insurance agents in Smyrna, GA use these statistics when selling car insurance so that you purchase insurance covering the most likely incidents to occur. For example, you may elect to insure your property against flood and auto theft due to the high occurrence of both types of auto claims in Smyrna, GA specifically. You may also choose to avoid driving at certain times or on certain routes with this knowledge, protecting yourself against claims, accidents, or injury.

Car Insurance Uncommon Knowledge

You can only save money on car insurance in Smyrna, GA after you have educated yourself as much as possible.

  • Did you know that married drivers tend to have fewer accidents? Therefore, married discounts are offered due to the lower risk of married policyholders.
  • There are also car insurance policies geared towards single female drivers, offering roadside assistance and coverage for stolen items such as purses stolen from a vehicle. While this may seem like a marketing ploy, it can be beneficial – most women are targets for vehicle theft or victimized at the scene of a vehicle malfunction.
  • Mississippi has the highest rate of uninsured drivers. If you’re planning a road trip through the state, be sure to add additional uninsured motorist coverage to your policy first!

Specifics are Important

All of this information may seem silly, but can save you thousands of dollars and months of headache with rising premium rates. By electing for additional coverage based on these and other statistics, you can be protected against the specific highest occurring claims against auto insurance in Smyrna, GA.

Additionally, you may elect to ask your auto insurance agent what types of information they have regarding the neighborhoods in which you live and/or work. Also consider mentioning to your auto insurance carrier that you may qualify for a low mileage discount if you typically use public transportation, carpool, or have a short commute.

Your Auto Insurance Agent Can Help

Local auto insurance agents in Smyrna, GA have all of this information and more at their disposal. By working with your insurance agent, you can be best prepared for common claims in your area, instead of being surprised by rising premiums in the event of filing a claim for which you are uninsured. Arm yourself with knowledge to save money on your auto insurance policy for years to come!