Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia, with six interstate highways running through the Metropolitan area. In 2013, the most recent year with statistics available, there were 1,179 car accident fatalities and 116,458 injuries in car accidents statewide. The majority of these numbers come from the metro Atlanta area, due to the heavy traffic passing through this major hub of the southeastern states daily. Additionally, due to falling gas prices more commuters are choosing to drive their personal vehicle to work daily and more people are driving to vacation destinations annually. There are also more semi-trucks on the road than ever before with the economy picking up and consumers purchasing more goods.  More vehicles on the road always lead to more car accidents and auto insurance claims, so how do you protect yourself in the event of a collision?

With reliance on technology like GPS, smart phones and watches rising, we are more distracted than ever before. In addition to the prevalence of driving under the influence, it’s safe to say that being aware of your surroundings and driving defensively is more important than ever. Unfortunately, you may be the safest driver on the road and find yourself injured due to the reckless behavior of another person. In the event of a car accident, the first person you should contact is a personal injury attorney, also sometimes listed as a car accident lawyer.

Many times, injuries from car accidents may be hidden at the time due to shock, adrenaline, and the stress of the moment. Symptoms of head and spinal injuries could take days or weeks to show, which is why you should speak with a car accident lawyer immediately following your accident. Your insurance adjuster works for your insurance provider, not for you, so their job is to save your auto insurance company as much money as possible. Your car insurance adjuster can use anything you say at the scene or afterwards to reduce payout or limit any compensation for injuries that appear in the weeks following the accident.

Car accident lawyers are typically versed in a wide variety of circumstances. Whether your injury was the result of a car, motorcycle, bus, or bicycle accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can help. First, they will initiate a separate investigation from the local law enforcement authorities or the insurance company, often finding more than one party at fault. Injuries may be the result of the distracted, drunk, or reckless driving of another person, but they also may be due to the negligence of the vehicle manufacturer. A car accident attorney will determine the facts of the car accident, who the responsible parties are, and how much compensation you are entitled to for medical expenses, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Even if no symptoms of injury are present immediately following your car accident, contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Atlanta as soon as possible. It is important to have a personal injury attorney who is familiar with your case in the event that injuries become apparent in the days following the car accident while their private investigation determines who is responsible for compensation. Your insurance company may not offer a fair settlement, if any compensation is paid to you at all. A personal injury attorney can resolve any negotiations, ensuring you are given the financial compensation you are entitled to following your car accident.