With school starting back around the nation in the next few weeks, parents everywhere are suddenly racing to complete a long lists of tasks before our regular schedules resume. One task you should definitely move up your “Honey Do” list is checking to make sure you have the best car insurance for your family’s needs.Car Insurance: Take Care of It Before School Starts Back!

Where do you drive?

A local car insurance agent in Roswell, GA will know the most common claims in your area and can walk you through which forms of insurance you really need to purchase based on your routine and location. Do you only drive when dropping the kids off and picking your children up from school? You may qualify for a low mileage discount which can save you thousands of dollars. Large multinational corporations typically don’t invite you to offer this information, so be sure to ask your current auto insurance agent if you quality.

If you commute after dropping the kids off at school, your local Roswell car insurance agent can tell you what type of claims are most common – which forms of accidents happen in which areas of the city, if you need protection from theft or collision insurance for rural areas where collisions with wildlife are standard.

Have a new driver in the house?

Do you have a teenager now driving? Maybe they drop off or pick up their siblings from school or need a personal vehicle to get to and from work after classes are over. Your local car insurance agent can walk you through the process of adding a new vehicle or driver on to your plan and offer you a multi-car discount.

Ridesharing Insurance

Maybe you’re a college student heading off to college and you’re considering using your vehicle for ridesharing to earn some part time income. If you are considering driving for a ridesharing company, you may need additional insurance or face heavy fines or have a claim denied if you are involved in an accident. Ridesharing companies offer insurance to their drivers only as long as a passenger is in the vehicle at the time of the accident. If you are waiting for a passenger or on your way to pick up a passenger, you are on your own. This is where additional ridesharing insurance comes in, as standard car insurance may deny your claim once they find out you were using your vehicle to earn an income.

Take Care of it Now!

Don’t wait until the kids are in the car or you’re on your way to your first college class before checking out car insurance options. Check this task off of your list before school starts so that you can drive stress free in the new school year! A local car insurance agent in Roswell, GA will know what type of coverage you really need, what you can skip, and offer you discounts based on your school or employer affiliations. There’s no better time to save money than before another school year starts!