Spy Insurance Agency has the most comprehensive coverages you can find in the Metro Atlanta Area. We are a registered Health Insurance Market Place (known as Obama Care) Agency and represent all of the companies that are offering it thru the 2016 Open Enrollment Period.

If you are not happy with your current health insurance rates, we offer a private health exchange essential coverage policy that is very affordable and it is available all year around.

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By Surrounding you  with a team of dedicated professionals focused on your overall health and by offering unlimited Primary Care Visits to our Harken Health Centers we believe you’ll discover the care you have been searching for.


With this unique plan that is available all year around you are able to get a basic coverage plan that includes 1’000,000 coverage, Free visits to the doctors and low deductibles.  If you are not satisfied with  your current rate, this plan could be very beneficial to you.


We are an agency who is registered with the health insurance market and is available to explain and guide you thru the whole process of enrollment(2016 Enrollment period is over)