In recent years, consumers are moving away from large corporations in nearly every industry by the droves. The cultural shift towards supporting local and small businesses hasn’t neglected the auto insurance industry by any means, with more and more consumers leaving national car insurance companies for small, local auto insurance providers. It’s not just a change in mindset, though: local auto insurance companies provide better service and save you money compared to major national providers.

If you’ve ever called a national call center to change your policy or file a claim, the frustration of waiting in long queues and speaking to a traditional call center representative may leave you wondering if there’s a better way. You’re not alone: in the latest customer satisfaction survey from J.D. Power, overall satisfaction with car insurance providers fell by seven points, while insurance premiums rose 6.6 percent. This was the largest hike in price since 2003!

According to Forbes, major auto insurance companies reported significant loss in revenue and underwriting profits in 2015: meaning higher rates for their existing customers, unfortunately. With the annual inflation rate at only 1 percent, it simply isn’t sustainable to stay with a national provider anymore. Local auto insurance in Roswell, GA is the solution: instead of investing in large call centers and national advertisements, local insurance agents focus their time on providing great service for better prices.

Most local auto insurance in Roswell, GA is purchased through an independent agent, who is able to shop for the best coverage for the best price, offering better coverage and service through a wide variety of insurance providers to find the best discounts and insurance packages for you. Getting an existing policy changed can be very difficult with a major insurance provider. When your insurance coverage is up for renewal, you should always shop around for better rates, but this takes time and effort. A local auto insurance company in Roswell, GA will take the reins for you, doing the research and saving you time as they find the best rate for you. An independent agent can also negotiate with preferred insurance providers past the rates you are most likely to see (and accept without argument) online or over the phone.

Independent agents with local auto insurance companies in Roswell, GA are also going to be more aware of local statistics and crash data than national call center representatives. For example, an independent agent will know what types of claims are filed in your neighborhood, offering coverage specifically for your needs. They will also be aware of any discounts that may apply to you, such as existing memberships, senior discounts, or good student discounts.

So next time you’re watching the evening news and see more car insurance ads than headlines, remind yourself why: national auto insurance providers are struggling in a sea of more affordable coverage with better customer service from independent agents of local auto insurance companies in Roswell, GA.